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Westminster Home Connection

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We make critical home repairs, modify home for those who are at risk for falls or have limited mobility, and make general home repairs.

Mrs. Simmons (name changed for privacy) is an example of a homeowner who has needs in all three categories of the services we provide. She uses a walker. The steps to her home had settled and become unstable over time, creating a fall hazard. This is Critical Home Repair. Skilled volunteers reformed and poured new and lower steps. The volunteers also created a parking spot with gravel close to the steps. Other volunteers cleaned the gutters and did yard maintenance, which is General Home Repair or Maintenance.
Mrs. Simmons needs grab bars and a walk-in shower in her bathroom. This work will be done by a plumber. This is an example of a mobility modification.

History of Westminster Home Connection

Westminster Presbyterian Disaster Assistance began work in flooded homes in May 2010 and opened a volunteer host site in June 2010. Since that time, 1,800 volunteers have come to Nashville to work for a week each rebuilding flooded homes. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance helped us with advice and funding. Early in the recovery, it became apparent that construction and project management expertise was needed. Westminster hired a construction manager to oversee the repairs and to advise the homeowners and case managers. Westminster built relationships with other flood recovery organizations, including Hands on Nashville, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Salvation Army, FiftyForward, Catholic Charities, Conexion, Martha O'Bryan, American Red Cross, St. Luke's Community House, and the Davidson, Cheatham and Sumner County Long-Term Recovery committees. Westminster has worked in over 350 homes and the value of the rebuild work is over $2.6 million. Westminster continued work until the last home in case management was completed.

Westminster realized that many people had home repair and maintenance needs beyond the flood damage. These homeowners are elderly, living on fixed incomes or with serious health issues. Westminster Home Connection was incorporated on February 1, 2013 for the purpose of making critical home repairs, modifying homes of people who are at risk for falls or have limited mobility and providing maintenance for those who cannot maintain their homes. Our goal is to support individuals who wish to continue living in their safe and functional homes.







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