Campus Renovation

Campus Renovation Progress Updates


In May of 2016, Westminster broke groung on a total campus renovation. The purpose of the renovation is to add some much needed space, and even more importantly, to unify our campus and make it more accessible and easy to navigate for everyone who enters the doors. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. Watch this space for updates.



November 2017

  • Children's Sunday Schools have moved into the Wilson Wing!
  • The Mayfair entrance inches toward completion with beautiful new pavers.

October 2017

  • More furniture has been delivered. Classrooms are starting to look like classrooms.
  • The Mayfair entrance is being bricked in. Concrete is being poured for sidewalks.
  • The Parlor courtyard and Blevins garden have been landscaped.
  • The parking lot is getting a makeover! This includes new traffice patterns in the Mayfair lots.
  • The Wilson Wing has a new paint job and is in the process of getting new flooring.
  • The Presbytery of Middle Tennessee has moved into their new offices in the Wilson wing.
  • Goodpasture Hall now has carpet! The crew is now working on electrical for lighting in the ceiling.


September 2017

  • Progress continues on the Mayfair entrance, inside and out.
  • The third floor of the Mayfair wing, including the choir suite, is nearing completion. We will be able to use these rooms soon!
  • We are beginning to receive the new Parlor furniture.
  • Contruction continues in the Goodpasture Hall area and in the Wilson wing.

August 2017

  • The church office has been relocated back into the renovated space and it is amazing!
  • The Parlor renovation is now complete and the new restrooms are now available.
  • The Mayfair exterior renovation continues; as well as the completion of the first and third floors, including Goodpasture Hall and the Choir Room.
  • The Wilson wing renovation phase is under way.
  • The Parlor courtyard and Blevins gardens are prepared to recieve the beautiful pavers and landscaping.
  • The Koinonia Youth Cafe has furniture!

July 2017

The church staff is busy packing in preparation for the big move into the new office spaces!

June 2017

The Parlor renovation is on track. The expansion into the space where the bathrooms were will provide more gathering space and additional natural light from the courtyard.

March 2017

March is proving to be a busy month. American Constructors is trying to finish phase one of the campus renovation.

The parking lot on the north side is nearing completion. Westminster School for Young Children will have a new drop off procedure with the addition of the porte co·chère at the new entrance of the school offices. All the brick work is up on the outside of the new addition. Sub-contractors are working on the completion of the new office space on the inside.

The Youth Cafe will be an instant hit when it is opened. It has a kitchen area for meals during Youth Group, flat screen tvs located throughout - perfect for next years March Madness - and breakout rooms so each grade and have their own group time. The Youth Cafe also opens up to the new and improved gym. It will be THE place to be on Saturdays during basket ball season.

February 2017

Construction on phase two is underway. The Mayfair side of campus is getting a complete renovation. The third floor classrooms will be re-configured as well as the staff offices. The Parlor will gain extra square footage as the library has been relocated.

This shows (left to right) the entrance into the choir room, looking out of the choir room and looking down the hall THROUGH the classrooms towards what was M-311.

The staff offices will be transformed. Currently, the framing is up with new wiring going in.

The Parlor transformation includes more square footage as the library will be re-located as well as the restrooms. The north side of the Parlor will open up to a courtyard letting light and air in from both sides.

January 2017

January 22

On the Tight Side

Wow!  We’re now entering the phase of our renovation where usable space will be at its lowest.  We are particularly challenged during this phase (most of February) with capacity for parking and restrooms.  For parking, we hope you will consider carpooling, dropping friends and family off on Sundays,  parking farther away and walking.  For restrooms, we will have signs posted with directions to available facilities.  We’ll have them to be sure; they’ll just be less convenient to access.  Planning, patience and prayer might be the secrets to enjoying this historic time in the life of Westminster!

On the Bright Side

Wow!  Look how beautiful!!!

January 6

Wondering where your class or meeting will be held now that the building has entered phase two? Please click here to see a calendar listing with room numbers and a campus map to find the room. If you have questions about where to go, please contact the office, 615-292-5526.


The new hallway that connects Fellowship Hall with the center of the building is underway. The concrete is set and the walls are framed. The contractors are also tying in a new hallway that will be accessible from the Wilson side of the building.

This is another sign that progress is happening on our remodeling project. With all the activity on campus, please keep in mind, we are only in phase one. Phase two will begin in January. This phase will make our facility the smallest it has been. Programming will be postponed for some activities as we move through this construction. 

Please continue to pray for the team involved: architects, contractors and staff. Your patience with this process is very much appreciated. 

We were all so inspired by our children participating in worship last Sunday--the reading of the Word, heartfelt prayer and beautiful voices in song and the baptism of three beautiful children of God. What a fantastic reminder of why we decided to renovate our youth spaces!  They're coming along nicely!

September 2016

September 23

Acoustic tiles are going up on the gym ceiling while the youth areas ceiling came down in preparation for a new one.

September 16

A beautiful new NES tower ¢ What's under here? ¢ A shiny new sprinkler system...

September 9

They worked double overtime to make Westminster School for Young Children ready for fall. The Campus Renovation Committee celebrated this accomplishment by treating American Constructors and their subs to lunch.

September 2

Westminster School for Young Children Renovation Complete!  Classes resume Tuesday!

After weeks of heroic work by all involved the Westminster School for Young Children will open its doors as scheduled Tuesday. The renovation is beautiful and will allow us to love and teach new generations of children in the years to come. At the beginning of this week's Campus Renovation Committee meeting, amid the noise and bustle of the ongoing construction, Chair Jeff Haynes  offered a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving for the talent and dedication of  our team at American Constructors and Street Dixon Rick.  We are particularly grateful for the work of Quick Foy, Derek Martin, Bobby Hall and Elan Mengelberg of American and Baird Dixon, Chip Jones and Beth Smith at SDR.  They have been masterful at directing the work of hundreds of talented contractors and subcontractors and navigating the complex regulatory requirements of such a large scale project. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. They are truly devoted to Westminster.

Please join us in thanking Hugh Harvey and Carl Sutton and the dozens of volunteers who did the beautiful work cleaning and reinstalling the classroom furniture, equipment and supplies.  We are truly blessed!

July 2016

July 29

Progress on the north side...

July 26

Work on Mayfair and North End of Westminster Campus

Access and Parking Limitations

Construction activity continues on the first phase of the renovation of the Westminster Presbyterian Church campus.  As anticipated, there will be intermittent lane closures on Mayfair Rd. for the next few weeks and the north Mayfair parking lot will be partially closed for the next several days to accommodate construction materials and equipment. Mayfair Rd. is scheduled to be completely closed from West End Ave. to Valley Rd. Wednesday, July 27th to allow for the installation across Mayfair of conduit from a new electrical transformer to the primary connection to the campus.  Please use alternate routes as directed by signage and traffic safety personnel on site and please use extra caution while navigating around construction activity.

The larger Mayfair parking lot (adjacent to West End) continues to be available and continually accessible from Mockingbird Road even during this phase of construction.

We are making progress...

The North side: May, June, July

The Preschool area: May, June, July

Fellowship Hall area: May, June, July

July 15

The Campus Renovation Committee and the dozens of participants on sub-committees continue to work diligently to manage the initial phases of construction and refine the details of work to come. It is a richly rewarding process and I am inspired by the devotion of all involved and the talents of our architects, contractor and subcontractors; as well as the dedication of Carl Sutton and his team here at Westminster. We are off to a successful start in our work!

The Committee and I want to give you an update and lay out what is ahead for the summer. We will continue our weekly updates in Westminster Connection and will send special reminders from time to time to keep you, those we serve, and our neighbors informed. You can also find information and construction phase diagrams on our website.

We've  completed preparing the Westminster School for Young Children (WSYC) for the new interior construction and renovation and are working to have the renovation completed by the beginning of the school year. We have received the necessary permits for this phase, and subcontractors have completed sequencing and scheduling. Our construction project is happening in the midst of Nashville's historic building boom and we're lucky to have such a talented team to help us navigate our compliance with codes and regulations and create and maintain an efficient and safe worksite. We have an onsite project manager, Bobby Hall from American Constructors, and require that all contractors and subcontractors sign in at the construction office and possess Westminster identification badges while they are on campus.

Excavation of the north parking lot in preparation for the improved storm water infrastructure and renovation of that part of the facility continues and the grading permit has been received.   Again, please observe barriers and be aware that heavy equipment continues to enter and exit the site.

Looking forward through the remainder of the summer, we can expect to see the completion of the WSYC phase, the continuation of the significant work on the north end of the campus and the transition into the next phases of the project.

Thank you for your continued support and patience and especially your prayers. Have a safe and joyful summer!

Grace and Peace,
Jeff Haynes, Chair

June 2016

June 10

Construction begins on the North side of Westminster.

Beginning Saturday, the back parking lot (between Mayfair and Wilson) will be excavated to accomodate new storm water infrastructure and prepare for exterior construction.

What does that mean for you? 

¢ There will be heavy equipment on the Westminster campus, so please drive carefully and observe all barriers. 

¢ There will be no access to the back parking lot. Handicap parking spots remain open on the Wilson and Mayfair sides.

¢ On Sunday morning, there will be no access to the building from the rear of the campus. Please enter through the Wilson or Mayfair sides.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued prayers.

As the construction project for Westminster is getting closer to the start date, the preconstruction process has already begun. Plans have been drawn and permits have been obtained and now the delivery of the onsite construction trailer. This trailer will be the command center for this project over the next two years. Bobby Hall, project manager for American Constructors, will be one to oversee this project.

You may be wondering why the trailer is parked on the Wilson side of the building rather than camouflaged in the back parking lot. The explanation is simple. The back parking lot is part of the initial construction in which we have to rebuild the entire rear parking lot due to revised water runoff requirements.  Also, we are sensitive about losing any additional parking spaces during construction because we don't want our members parking in front of neighbor's homes during construction.

The storage pod located on the Mayfair side of the building will be used throughout the project as portions of the building are under construction. Currently, the preschool is moving classroom furniture, fixtures and learning materials to the pod.

As the project gets underway, please check back for updates and to watch the dreams become reality.

As we celebrated our groundbreaking ceremony May 22 and the Westminster school for young children completes another school year, we will begin preparations for construction. You will begin to see construction activity on campus and the CRC wants you to know what to expect in the months ahead. Look for the new logo above for information about construction activity. We will share this information widely among our congregation and our neighbors using a variety of tools. Look for news related to the campus renovation in the weekly Westminster Connection and Windows insert in the Sunday bulletin. We will also provide more comprehensive updates from time to time in Westminster Community. We will post information on our website and will provide continual updates to our neighbors through their neighborhood associations and through Councilwoman Murphy's website. 

Now is a good time to remind ourselves of important safety considerations around construction sites. 
¢  observe barriers
¢  avoid equipment and materials
¢  keep curious children away from construction hazards
¢  report unsafe conditions
¢  be patient
¢  we encourage families with young drivers to carpool
We will provide updated contact information for questions and concerns as they evolve throughout the project. Our architects, SDR and contractor, American Constructors, will support our communications process.





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