Westminster Presbyterian Church & Habitat for Humanity

Please join us—you need no building experience to join in the fun of the build, as you will learn amazing skills on-site—and the crews are ever thankful for your delicious meals. For more information on this ministry, please email Sylvia Leins.

Our next build is scheduled for September 2020.


Remember, the project is completely funded by your annual pledges, so please consider amending your pledge if you forgot to include your donation to the Habitat project. To God be the glory!

How does a house get built in an 8 day build cycle?

Weekend One:  Raising the Walls 

Day 1: Raise wall panels. Install exterior blue board. Install windows. Top plate house.
Day 2: Install roof trusses. Install truss bracing. Install exterior doors. Install deadwood.



Weekend Two:  Siding & Insulation

Day 3: Install siding. Install insulation. Caulk plates. Caulk panel joints. Clean house.

Day 4: Finish siding. Finish insulation. Finish soffit.



Weekend Three:  Carpentry & Painting 

Day 5: Install interior doors. Install trim. Caulk trim. Interior paint. 

Day 6: Install kitchen cabinets. Finish interior paint. Install countertops. Finish front porch. 




Weekend Four:  Landscaping & Finishing touches

Day 7: Start landscaping. Install mirrors. Install hardware. Install door stops.

Day 8: Punch out the interior. Finish landscaping. Clean and prepare for dedication.






Worship 8:30 AM
Sunday School 9:45 AM
Worship 11:00 AM