JIL 10 - 100 Wednesdays Fall 2018


Be on the lookout for winter/spring class information coming soon! 

Wednesdays, 4:45–6:00 PM 

Open to the community. Participants may choose one of the following classes. Preston Taylor middle schoolers will be joining us. NO FEES.


For more information on the classes listed below OR to register, please contact Beth Drake.

Drawing is a discovery. Through drawing,
we don’t just notice, we see. It is a form
of visual thinking. Accompany us as we fill
empty pages and bring our thoughts and
ideas to life. We will explore the fundamentals
of drawing using graphite pencils, colored pencils,  
and pen and ink. Drawing is fun. Come join us!
Led by Frances Baird, art teacher.
Would you like to learn to play the guitar
or learn more chords? We will be teaching
various levels of guitar playing at Westminster
this fall! Learn basic chords and strumming from
our great group of instructors in a combination
of class and individual instruction. Learn to strum
your favorite songs to enjoy at home,
or who knows, maybe join a band!
Telling Your Story
Prospective participants should not let
good grammar and spelling keep them away.
We are simply looking for memories and stories
that friends and families will be sure to enjoy.
There will be prompts and tips to help get you started.
Led by Sandra Plant.
Project Runway 
Explore fashion design, sewing, and crafting as
you create a two-piece collection for a final “runway”
show. No previous sewing experience required.
Use your creativity to express yourself while learning
some new techniques. Led by Janet Kuhn and Marilyn
Cornish. This class is limited to four WPC  participants
and four PTM sixth–eighth grade students.
Fiber Arts
There are many choices in this room! Come join
the fun with weaving, knitting, crocheting, rug
making, basket weaving and more! We work on
hand looms, table looms and floor looms with
gorgeous fibers.
Weaving led by Sara Figal.
Puzzle Station
Enjoy listening to the guitar group while putting
together jigsaw puzzles! 


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