Date: 25/09/2020
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June 5 - Maud Lewis, Point Prim and a Concert

By Harrison Douglass

This morning, June 5th, was less than eventful since most of us missed breakfast for the sole purpose of sleeping in until 11:30. For the most part however, this day was filled with wind, rain, and Greg talking about the movie Maudie, in which Maud Lewis discovers her unique talent for painting and becomes a Nova Scotian celebrity after her death. If you haven't seen it, Greg could probably hook you up with a copy. Anyways, after breakfast we boarded the bus and took a quick trip to look around Trinity Anglican Church, which we would be performing at that night. After, we headed over to see Point Prim, a famous lighthouse and beautiful ocean view in Digby. Despite the fact that the view was absolutely breathtaking, the cold was unbearable and led to some extremely uncomfortable photo ops with most of us shivering and straining to smile for the camera. More than mildly wet and shaken from the wind, we stopped by a sight of the side of a highway (named after Maud Lewis herself) honoring Maud's life and work that showcased some of her paintings. Naturally, we were inclined to stay in the warm comfort of the heating system, but the sight was interesting nonetheless. By that point, it was time for lunch. And although hungry and a little sleepy, we were tasked with the responsibility of handing out a couple of flyers for the concert. The obvious spot for advertising was the Crow's Nest, the restaurant pretty much everyone ate at. And although the food was good, the wait wasn't too worthwhile since we sat for a  good 45-50 minutes for it. Right after, we rode over to Trinity Anglican Church again for a quick rehearsal before the concert. And I must say, not only did we sound pretty amazing (shoutout to Halle and Janet for the most perfect rendition of Pie Jesu that church had ever seen) John shared with us a few words about how important our message was to our audience. Even Greg came and supported us! If you're reading this Greg, I want you to know that you're a great tour guide and should definitely keep up the good work. Anyways, the day finished off with a delicious dinner, terrible lemon meringue pie, and cards before bed. An endeavor of a day if you ask me.

An impromptu concert at St. John Anglican!

A tour of the fishing village of Lunenburg.

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic


Flat Jesus at the Wooden Monkey restaurant.





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