Date: 03/08/2020
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Maine to Nova Scotia!

by Halle Petrie

Yesterday was mainly a travel day. After singing in a church service at Mid Coast Presbyterian Church, we started our seven hour drive to Saint John, New Brunswick. We drove along the picturesque coast of Maine, stopped in a quaint town called Camden for lunch, and crossed the Canadian border! Two hours later, we came to the Delta Hotel, went out for dinner, and promptly went to bed (though some stayed up to play cards).

This morning, we had to be at the bus at 7:00am in order to arrive on time at the ferry. Though our alarms seemed to come too soon, waking up early was well worth it - our boat ride was beautiful! Going out on the back end of the ferry was pretty brisk (about 35 degrees!), but we experienced amazing views of the coast and clear sky, and, of course, the Canadian flag flying in the refreshing wind. Dismounting the ferry, we found ourselves in Digby, the second biggest town in Nova Scotia, and scallop capital of the world! We had ample time to explore the shops, restaurants, and docks, eating lunch in the open air. Then, Charlotte, Rachel, and I laid out and napped in the sun - and almost missed the bus!!

Picked up once again by the bus, we set off for the Digby Neck Peninsula. We took a ferry across a channel to Long Island to hike the Balancing Rock Trail, and after 235 stairs, most of us were pretty winded! Our guide pointed out plants and other features of the flora, the highlight for me was seeing two dogs (Nova and Indiana) who greeted us on the latter half of the hike!

We closed out the night with dinner at the Fundy Restaurant. Most of us ordered the much-awaited scallop and shrimp linguini which was delicious! While the adults sipped on their Canadian beers, the kids drank some classy Shirley Temples. For the grand finale, Charlotte and Harrison performed “Bop to the Top” from High School Musical Jr. 

Sunday morning at Mid-Coast Presbyterian in Topsham, Maine.

Digby, Nova Scotia coast

Anne Catherine Oeser, flat Jesus, and Latham Hall in Digby, scallop capital of the world!​







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